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Weekly Poll: Did the Web Win?

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Thumbnail image for oracleweeklypollchart.png The keynotes yesterday from CloudConnect provided some highlights that remind us how different the universe can look when viewed from the Web.

It’s a far different landscape that you see when viewing the world from the enterprise.

On the Web, the apps are built on top of simple, commoditized stacks. Cloudscaling CEO Randy Bias said in his keynote that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the one enterprise providers need to beat. Cisco’s Cloud CTO Lew Tucker said in his keynote that the Web won.

AWS is winning because it picked the winning architecture. He says costs are six to eight times less than what it costs to build the infrastructures as developed by enterprise cloud services. This is due to the fundamentally different architecture that was used to build legacy apps. Enterprise providers are building cloud services for legacy apps. The effort now is to move those apps to the cloud. This increases expenses considerably when recreating an environment that was built for on-premise systems.

To move legacy apps to the cloud creates an online silo. Web apps are built for the Web.

What do you think?

Source: Weekly Poll: Did the Web Win?

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