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An iPad App to View a Windows Desktop

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View for iPad5.JPGVMware is launching an iPad app today that gives access to a virtual Windows desktop.

The new VMware View Client works in combination with VMware View, which moves applications into the cloud and delivering them as a managed service.

View for iPad1.JPG

The app shows how the desktop can be moved anywhere. VMware cites Children’s Hospital Central California, one of the 10 largest hospitals of its type in the United States that is using VMware View to provide secure “follow-me,” desktops. The hospital plans to start using iPads to further mobilize its care and provide faster service.

Citrix, a VMware competitor, launched a similar app last spring for viewing apps. Citrix Reciever uses software virtualization to bring backoffice applications to smart clients, including Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad.

Source: An iPad App to View a Windows Desktop

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