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Meet LiquidSpace: The Airbnb of Office Space

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Over the last year, I’ve worked in countless noisy coffee shops and dropped in to various co-working spaces. And I’m not alone. Analytics firm Forrester reported that there were 375 million mobile workers worldwide in 2010, with many of them working out of noisy, concentration-breaking locations where client meetings and phone calls were nearly impossible feats.

LiquidSpace is launching just in time for swarms of mobile workers to descend upon Austin next week for the SXSW conference, and it hopes to do what it does best – help users to “find a great space to work – now.”

LiquidSpace is launching initially for the iPhone and iPad and helps to find office space for mobile workers, wherever and whenever they are. The app uses your location to build an initial list of potential workspaces and then asks you for a number of characteristics to find the best fit. It sorts spaces according to whether you want to meet in public or work by yourself, for example. Beyond that, it takes into account the number of people, time requested and distance from your current location to determine the best location for you.

“We open the doors to a variety of work spaces — in Austin, the Bay Area, and soon — across the U.S.,” said Co-founder and CEO Mark Gilbreath. “LiquidSpace makes it possible to reserve space that fits the work you’re doing, the people you’re meeting, and collaboration you’re seeking. The result is a more productive and effective mode of work that puts us back in the drivers seat when we’re out and about, doing what we do best.”

LiquidSpace also makes sure that everything is handled securely for both the worker and the office space provider. For example, if a door code of wifi passcode is needed, it only becomes available once you’ve checked into that location.

Over SXSW, the company has created several special locations for mobile workers looking for a quiet place to work or meet with clients. The app goes live in the App Store today, so head on over to LiquidSpace and get it a download.

Take a look at the video below for a full walk-through:

Source: Meet LiquidSpace: The Airbnb of Office Space

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