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Display Advertising Comes to Skype for Windows

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skype_logo150150.jpgThe popular VOIP service Skype will start displaying advertising in its Home tab beginning this week.

The company has just announced the change, insisting that “the Skype experience is our first priority.” The move to bring advertising to the Skype environment comes as the telephony company makes its move for a planned IPO. Skype has an estimated 177 million active users, but only around 8.1 million paying subscribers. The addition of advertising will give the company another revenue stream.

“We think this is an interesting opportunity for advertisers,” says Doug Bewsher, Skype’s Chief Marketing Office in an interview in Ad Age. “This is a premium placement to engage with our users.” Indeed, people spend a lot of time on sites like Skype, and while Bewsher notes that ads on other social networking sites like Facebook can be small and unobtrusive, ads in Skype may offer more user engagement – “click to call,” perhaps.

Skype says the ads will only appear occasionally, and the initial plan is to show one ad from one brand per day. Ads are rolling out in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.

Currently, the advertising is set to only appear in the Home tab in Skype for Windows, although the company says it might experiment with ads in other areas as well. The ads won’t interrupt your VOIP experience – no “annoying pop-up ads or flashy banner ads in middle of conversations,” insists Skype.

The advertising may use non-personally identifiable demographic data – your location, gender and age – in order to target ads and deliver relevant content. But you will be able to opt out of allowing Skype to share this data with advertisers from the Privacy tab, located under Tools.


Source: Display Advertising Comes to Skype for Windows

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