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GNOME To Lose Minimize, Maximize Buttons

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An anonymous reader writes “When GNOME 3 arrives in a month, users might be surprised to see old UI staples ‘minimize’ and ‘maximize’ buttons gone and replaced by… nothing, in the case of minimizing, and either drag-up or double-click-titlebar for maximizing. Says Allan Day, GNOME Marketing Contractor: ‘Without minimize, the GNOME 3 desktop is a more focused UI, and it is a UI that has a consistent high level of quality. Yes, moving to a minimiseless world might take a little getting used to for some, but the change makes sense and has clear benefits.’ Some users already welcome the change, while others are in an uproar, swearing to wait for GNOME 3.2, switch to KDE or even Windows. What do you think? A better, simpler interface for new times, or a case of making something simpler than it should be?” I like minimize and maximize buttons, but I’ll admit to liking the look of GNOME 3 .

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