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Microsoft, Google Sue Troll Who Sued 397 Companies

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FlorianMueller writes “Microsoft and Google have teamed up against a company that holds a geotagging patent and sued 397 companies last year in Texas, most of them in mid December. … Now the two tech giants have entered the fray together and want the patent declared invalid and seek an injunction to prevent further lawsuits over it. Since the patent holder has already filed for an initial public offering, this intervention may come at just the right time to prevent the worst. Google and Microsoft say that there was prior art when the patent on an ‘Internet organizer for accessing geographically and topically based information’ was applied for in 1996.”

Source: Microsoft, Google Sue Troll Who Sued 397 Companies

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  • Anonymous

    i like how the person that is holding the pattent ,is being called a troll,when 2 giat monopolistic corporations are trying to gang up on this small non public company and essentially steal thier IP by having their rightfully held patters declared invalid,i mean come on how much money do these 2 companies have?what about 3/4 of all the money in the world or something like that,if they want the damn pattent so damn bad then why dont they stop being such a bunch of cheap hebes and just buy god damn thing ,its not like they cant well afford it,and im sure once they do aquire the pattent, either fraudulently by having it declared invalid or by doing the right thing and just opening their wallet and paying for it,they will be trying to sue everyone too that tries to use it without paying them royalties or whatever,bunch of Hippocrates,lets what happens if they get the pattent ,are they going to let people just use it for free?of course not,dicks


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