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Ask Slashdot: Facebook Archiving?

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Stenchwarrior writes “I was in the car with my wife and 15-year-old daughter this morning talking about the future of Facebook and how it’s likely that they will not be around forever (or at least not at the same capacity as now) and my daughter asked ‘Well, what’s going to happen to all of my pictures?’ It never occurred to her to that Facebook might not be around someday and all of those thousands of photos that she’s uploaded might someday be gone. So this is what I ask the good people at Slashdot: What’s a good way to preserve all of those memories? Many devices nowadays have direct access to the Internet and even to Facebook and once the images are uploaded they are eventually deleted to make room for more. How do we make sure we can access or backup those files in case Zuckerberg decides to sell out to Google or Microsoft and they do away with everyone’s profiles?”

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