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YC Startup Custora Helps Businesses Battle Churn

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custora_150.jpgWhile there are lots of tools that help businesses get customer’s attention and boost conversion rates, there’s little out there to help businesses with the challenge of retaining those customers once they’re in the door.

That’s the aim of Custora, a Winter 2001 Y Combinator startup that launched this week. “Google brings them in,” states the company tag-line. “We keep them around.”

Custora helps companies gain a better understanding of their customers, a key to being able to meet their needs and retain them. The startup says it provides the other half of funnel analysis. That is, it can help not only identify the steps that it takes in order to convert someone to a paying customer, but that it can break down that “someone” to identify the different types of users they might be, as revealed by statistical clusters, in order to better offer better targeting and messaging.

“We don’t just detect churn,” Custora says, “we manage and optimize email campaigns to keep your customers engaged.”

The startup has already had some solid successes with this during its beta, with Salesforce and Plaxo signing up as customers, and it boasts that it’s obtaining 5x better conversion rates from targeted emails and 9x more accurate customer-level revenue projections.

The first 50 ReadWriteWeb readers who mention “readwriteweb” in the comments section of the startup’s sign-up page will get automatic access to the startup’s private beta.


Source: YC Startup Custora Helps Businesses Battle Churn

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