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The “Switzerland of NoSQL” Joins Basho

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Mathias MeyerMathias Meyer, the so-called “Swizterland of NoSQL,” is neutral no more. He has joined Basho as a developer advocate, the company announced today. Basho, which we covered here, is the sponsor company of the NoSQL database Riak.

Previously, Meyer worked for the Berlin startup Peritor on its cloud hosting platform Scalarium. He confirmed on Twitter that he’ll still be working on Scalarium. Meyer will remain in Berlin.

Meyer – known for blogging and tweeting about infrastructure, scalability, databases and coffee – is also working the NoSQL Handbook.

According to Basho, Meyer’s first public appearance as developer advocate will be at JSConf in Portland, OR from May 2-3.

For more background on Meyer, here are two interviews:

MyNoSQL: Getting Started with NoSQL.

The Geek Talk: Mathias Meyer.

Source: The “Switzerland of NoSQL” Joins Basho

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