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Verizon To Discontinue Unlimited Data Plans For iPhone Customers By Mid-Summer

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Bloomberg is reporting that Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo has revealed that it plans to discontinue its unlimited data plan for iPhone users as early as mid-summer.

Verizon currently offers their smartphone customers include iPhone customers an unlimited data plans for $30 on top of customers calling plans.

Bloomberg reports:

The carrier, which began selling the iPhone last month, now offers a $30 unlimited data plan on the device. Such plans on the handset are “not a long-term solution,” Shammo said on a conference call at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference today.

Reuters adds:

“We will probably do that in the mid-summer time frame,” Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said during a webcast of an investor conference. Verizon Wireless kept its unlimited plan for its first iPhone customers as it “didn’t want to put up a barrier” to consumers who wanted to try out the device on its network, the executive said.

The unlimited data plans is currently seen as a unique selling point of the Verizon iPhone as AT&T stopped offering iPhone customers unlimited data plan just before iPhone 4 was launched.

We have also heard that the unlimited data plans offer from Verizon has put a lot of pressure on AT&T and it is quietly giving some of its iPhone customers the option to switch to unlimited data plan to stop them from switching to Verizon.

But the news that Verizon will discontinue the unlimited data plan does not come as a surprise as Verizon’s Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam had clarified that the $30 unlimited data plans will be available only for a temporary period as Verizon plans to move to tiered pricing like AT&T:

Speaking later Tuesday morning, Mr. McAdam said the iPhone unlimited plan will be a temporary offer and that the carrier will follow AT&T’s move to tiered pricing in the not too distant future.

Existing Verizon customers should be able to keep their unlimited data plans through the tenure of their contract, however it needs to be seen if Verizon will allow them to grandfather the unlimited data plans when they want to upgrade to the next generation iPhone.

What do you think about Verizon’s decision to discontinue the unlimited data plans? Would it be a deal breaker for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

[via Bloomberg]

Source: Verizon To Discontinue Unlimited Data Plans For iPhone Customers By Mid-Summer

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