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Two Companies That Turn Hosted Services into Infrastructure Providers

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Cloud Study: Stormy SunsetObject-based storage is gaining in popularity and is increasingly viewed as a core requirement for multi-tenant infrastructures. Its strength is in its capability to handle unstructured data, which is far more prevalent these days than structured data.

Amazon Web Services and Rackspace offer object-based storage. But outside the narrow field massive infrastructure plays, there is a growing space for services to provide hosted providers so they may compete more effectively with the likes of AWS and Rackspace.

Scality is an emerging hot company in the cloud-based storage space. Today it announced a $7 million “B” round. The money will go to opening a sales and service office in New York and the extension of its core services for data center environments.

I had a brief introduction to Scality last week, and what I saw impressed me. I am more intrigued by the hosting market as it adopts technologies such as Parallels Automation technology and the Scality object-storage.

Scality and Parallels are partners in servicing the hosted market. Scality offers what it calls a RING. It’s an application centric cloud storage system. It turns commodity x86 server hardware and Ethernet LANs into cloud storage.


Parallels provides a service that can turn a data center into an infrastructure environment. It’s a modular system with APIs for application integration and billing services. I spoke to several people at the Parallels Sumit who were integrating the technology for their hosting services.


Scality and Parallels have a common interest in serving the hosting market. They fit into a fast growing market spaces: cloud-based storage and application environments for turning hosting providers into infrastructure services.

That’s a potent combination for a hosting market that is primed to see significant growth as small businesses start making their own transitions to the cloud.

Source: Two Companies That Turn Hosted Services into Infrastructure Providers

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