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Live Blog from IBM Pulse: How the Smart World Emerges

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Thumbnail image for ibmlogo.jpgWe’re starting another day at IBM Pulse and today the discussion moves to how smart technologies are getting integrated into business and the world of smarter cities.We’ll look at this by exploring the meaning as it relates to virtualization and cloud computing.

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8:22 a.m.Companies now face data, connection and challenges in complexity. About 15 petabytes of new information is being generated every day. The connectivity is through a systems of systems.

The city of Cambridge in Cambridge,Canada looked to make all of its infrastructure connected by integrating all of its roads and other physical points.

8:27 a.m. Is security keeping pace with the data infliux and connected systems? Discussing Wikileaks and what it represents in terms of internal security. And then there is Stuxnet. The Stuxnet malware gives insights into how complex things can be and how long it can be on a system. NASDAQ OMX was a virus that gained access to NASDAQ management infrastructure. Mobile and cloud are the big topics today. We are seeing the consumerization of security.

Source: Live Blog from IBM Pulse: How the Smart World Emerges

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