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Hipmunk Brings a Little Ecstasy to Hotel Search and Booking

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hipmunkhotel150.jpgFlight search Hipmunk is on a roll. Hot off the launch of its iPhone app and the award for Best Design at Launch 2.0, the company is announcing today that it’s expanding its search to include lodging.

The move makes sense as airline travel usually necessitates booking a hotel as well. And much like Hipmunk’s option to let you search for flights by “agony” – that is, a combination of price, airline and number of spots – you can now look for lodging by “ecstasy.” In this case, ecstasy is a combination of price, amenities, Yelp reviews, and location.

hotel_ss_2.pngBut Hipmunk gives you more information than just the part of town where a hotel is located. The site’s new search functionality lets you turn on overlays so you can see where fun stuff is happening – nightlife, food, shopping, tourism and even “vice.” Woohoo! Ecstasy!

Search results include prices, nicely color-coded, which lets you compare them relative to the cost of an average night’s stay in the vicinity.

Hipmunk isn’t just looking at hotel information either. Its search includes nearby AirBnB rentals, letting you see if there are locals renting out rooms or apartments (great for longer duration stays). When you’re ready to book a room, you’re taken offsite to HotelsCombined.com.

Like its flight search, the new hotel search features Hipmunk’s great eye for design, and pairing flight and search will make Hipmunk even more appealing for users.

Source: Hipmunk Brings a Little Ecstasy to Hotel Search and Booking

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