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Facebook Acquires Group Messaging Service Beluga

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Facebook has just acquired group messaging service Belgua, we’ve learned.

Here’s all we know for now, Facebook has acquired both the product and the team, and the plan is apparently to keep the service open for now. But this is Facebook, they have so far only acquired companies to get talent.

It was barely two months ago that we first wrote about Beluga — when I called it my “group messaging white whale“. Since then I’ve been a huge user of the service and figured it would be one of the stand-out stars at SXSW this year. Today changes things a bit, obviously.

Here’s Facebook’s statement:

We’re psyched to confirm that we’ve just acquired the talent and assets of Beluga, whose simple and elegant mobile apps blew us away as a solution to help groups of friends stay in touch on the move. We’re looking forward to welcoming co-founders Ben Davenport, Lucy Zhang and Jonathan Perlow, and we’re excited that the team will continue their vision for groups and mobile communication as part of Facebook.

On the topic of it shutting down, Facebook has this to say:

For now, Beluga will continue to function as it does today. Beluga accounts and data will not be lost. We’ll be providing more details on future plans for Beluga in the coming weeks.

Source: Facebook Acquires Group Messaging Service Beluga

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