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Evernote Totally Redesigns Its iPhone App

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evernote150.jpgEvernote is releasing a completely redesigned app for iPhone and iPod Touch today (iTunes link). Noting that its iPhone app was first released the same day as Apple launched the iTunes App Store, Evernote says it’s learned a lot about what it takes to make a great app. And equipped with two years worth of feedback, the notetaking and storage platform says it’s gone “back to the drawing board and reconsidered every single aspect of Evernote for iPhone.

The changes are pretty impressive, and if you’re reliant on Evernote for your mobile device you’ll find the app faster and the interface more intuitive – all making the app a lot easier for not just note-taking but for note retrieval.

Evernote has changed the home screen, so the changes are apparent right when you open the app. Browsing and note creation are unified there, and you can see a Snippet View of your notes right on that screen. That snippet can include a slice of an image, the title of the note, as much text as possible – details that in many cases will mean you needn’t open the note to view its content.

evernote_iphoneapp_1.jpgThe screen for creating a note has been updated as well. When you go to add a note, you’ll see a split screen – with the top half for your data entry and the bottom half with options to attach images, audio, tags, and your location. You can now attach multiple items to a single note, which is hugely helpful if you’re compiling various media – pictures, audio, and text – into a single note.

Tagging (including tagging with location data), browsing, and searching are all improved in this update as well.

Evernote releases updates to its mobile and desktop apps quite regularly, but these changes to the iPhone app are pretty significant (and I’d say, once again, puts the iPhone app ahead of the Android app, which saw huge improvements late last year). Evernote says that it has more changes in the works, including the ability to performed in-app editing of notes with styled text and multimedia. These and other changes will also make their way to a new iPad app as well.

Source: Evernote Totally Redesigns Its iPhone App

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