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TellFi Is Google Voice For Companies

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Launching today is Y Combinator-backed company TellFi, a cloud-based virtual phone system that is specifically tailored to enterprise needs. In building Tellfi, founders Jason Corwin and Conor Lee asked customers what their most desired features were in a calling system, and came up with voicemail transcription, multiphone forwarding, individual extensions for each user, toll-free numbers and support access.

TellFi is in the same space as Grasshopper and Google Voice, but unlike Google Voice TellFi is not free, so you get what you pay for in a sense. Says Corwin, “One of the ways we differentiated ourselves was that the other [enterprise] products were bulky to use … And Google Voice [doesn't] really have a lot of the business class features.  Connection quality is really important to people, as is lack of support. People looking for robust business class features as they dug into it found that TellFi was a better alternative.”

The tiered plans that are $70 a month, $24 a month and $10 a month add extra numbers and additional minutes as the plans increase in price, but the features remain essentially the same. TellFi prides itself in having better call quality and fewer dropped calls than competitors and robust analytics like call logs across all plans.

TellFi also prides itself on its simplicity. All you need to do to set up a business phone system is visit the website and set up an account from an interface that’s designed for non-techie users, “It allows people to jump in, and do what they want and jump out” says Lee.

TellFi now has over 50 clients and hopes to add even more features like conference calling and more in depth analytics for users, rolling out a new feature every two weeks. TellFi is also offering the first 50 interested TechCrunch readers one month of the starter plan free when they sign up for an account, by using the access code “TCReaders.”

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