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Quora for Startups: Sprouter Pivots to Focus on Q&A for Entrepreneurs

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sprouter150.jpgThe Toronto-based social network for entrepreneurs Sprouter is announcing a redesign today that involves streamlining its services and pivoting to focus on Q&A. Sprouter launched its Q&A platform last year and it’s become quite a popular way to get advice from experts, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs.

According to founder Sarah Prevette, “We’ve been blown away by the amazing people who have come forward to share their advice and by the rich content that continues to be generated.”

Sprouter’s value here (in addition, of course to having provided a strong startup network) is that it carefully curates its guests, inviting them personally based on their experience in the startup ecosystem and their ability to contribute solid advice. There’s little need, then, to sift through answers to find the responses from experts.

Sprouter has been offering Q&A in live sessions as well as soliciting questions for online responses, and the company says it sees “a lot of opportunity to expand on it.”

The newly redesigned Sprouter will let users submit a startup related question – either on a general form to directed to a specific expert. You can also browse through the experts who’ve answered questions already and find those who you think will have the most relevant responses. There’s a place to leave comments as well as vote up and share answers.

Sprouter will officially launch the new and improved site tomorrow with a live Q&A session with Cheezburger Network’s Ben Huh at 2pm EST on Tuesday, March 1.


Source: Quora for Startups: Sprouter Pivots to Focus on Q&A for Entrepreneurs

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