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New Apps for Your iPhone and Android: February 2011 Edition

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In 2011, we launched a new series where we round up some of our favorite new apps for smartphones (primarily iPhone and Android) on a monthly basis. With February now coming to a close, we’ve listed some of the new apps that caught our eye this month below. This month’s list includes both those that are available now and those we’re eagerly anticipating.

Both iPhone & Android

LiveShare: From Cooliris, known for their 3D browser extensions, LiveShare is new group photo-sharing. Like Beluga for photos, LiveShare groups can be public or private with no limits on number of friends. New features are coming soon, says the team. Also available for Windows Phone 7. (Free)


SnapTax: Intuit’s new application that lets you prepare and file your taxes on your mobile device. Launched earlier this year, but deserves a spot in this month’s round-up given that tax day is fast approaching! (Free to try, $14.99 when you file)

LiveProfile: Like BBM for Android, iPhone and soon – yes – even BlackBerry, LiveProfile does real-time chat, lets you see when messages are delivered, read or when your friend is typing and it includes profiles, pictures and status messages. (Free)



Kromath: Pricey, but worth it for professionals in need, this app lets you replace blue or green backgrounds with any photo of your choosing. A video version is in the works, too. (Sale: $19.99)


Argon: An open standards-based augmented reality Web browser developed by Georgia Tech. This app downloads AR experiences from Argon-enabled websites and has plans for 3D support in future updates. Our coverage here. (Free)


SpeechTrans: A “universal translator” that provides both speech-to-speech and text-to-speech translation. ($19.99)


Photopod: This app lets you manage, upload, download and edit your photos across a number of services including Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, TwitPic and Dropbox. (UK app store - £1.19)


Smartr: This app turns your Twitter feed into a newsreader so you can see what your friends are linking to. Supports Instapaper integration, too. (Free)


Thwapr: Bypass iPhone’s 1-minute email/MMS video sharing restrictions with Thwapr which lets you send videos up to 30 minutes via an SMS link. Works with photos, too. (Free)


Facebook Messenger: Chat with Facebook friends and make free voice calls using this new IM/VoIP app for iPhone. ($0.99)

Facebook Messenger

Hipmunk: Popular flight finder arrives on iOS devices for quick and easy flight searches on the go. When you find the one you want, you can even email a link to yourself so you can book it when you get back to your computer. (Free)


Google Translate: In case you missed the news, Google Translate is now available on the iPhone, too. Our coverage here. (Free)

TechDygest: A tech news aggregator like Techmeme, but for the iPhone. Our coverage here. (Free)

Sneakyshot: Like the name implies, this app lets you take photos surreptitiously. Pretend to be talking on the phone and the app snaps 4 photos on the sly. ($1.99)


Zimly: An alternative music player for Android with an attractive UI and all the necessary features a media player needs. (Free)


RD Mute: This app lets you mute your Android phone just by placing it facedown on a surface or, optionally, when the GPS registers a speed of 31 MPH or more. (Free)

RD Mute Android App

Clock widget: Another reason why you should be perusing the XDA-Developers site, this widget is only available in APK format from this thread. (Free)

Clock widget

Silent Time: Silences your Android phone based on the time of day. Simple to set up and use. (Free)

Silent time

Sorami: This Android app (in beta) brings Microsoft’s SkyDrive service to your mobile so you can browse files, upload and download. (Free)


ToothTag: The first demonstration of startup NeuAer’s “smarter smartphone” technology, this app lets you ’tag’ wireless Bluetooth and WiFi devices and networks, then setup rules to automate actions on your smartphone, for example, your phone can play a tune when you walk by a coffee shop where your friends are hanging out. (Free)


iDisplay: This app turns your Android phone or tablet into a second screen for your computer (Mac or PC). ($4.99)


Graphic.ly: Comic book store and reader arrives on Android and syncs your purchases from its other smartphone apps and PC. (Free).

Zagat: Notable reviews service Zagat helps you find places to eat, stay and be entertained. ($9.99)

RedBox: Video rental service RedBox now has an Android app that lets you browse the catalog and even reserve DVDs at a particular location for pick-up.

PlayOn: Popular media center enabler, PlayOn now enabled mobile support for Android, providing access to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, plus TBS, CBS, PBS, CNN, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and more. (Free trial, $39.99/year)

MapQuest: Turn-by-turn navigation using OpenStreetMaps for those both inside and outside the U.S. on Android. Our coverage here. (Free)

Bejeweled2: Stop with the clones – the official, addictive jewel puzzle game has arrived on Android. ($2.99)

CNN for Android tablets: One of the first big names to launch on Android Honeycomb, the tablet-optimized version of the Android mobile operating system. Not only does it take advantage of Honeycomb specific features, including homescreen widgets, it’s also the first time CNN’s iReport is available in a tablet format.

Cnn for android


Twitter for BlackBerry (update): The official BlackBerry Twitter client launched into beta (version 1.1) and with it came new features: geotagging, new notifications, an improved UI and more.

Foursquare for Series 40 (new): Popular checkin app Foursquare expands its reach to Nokia’s Series 40 devices. An S 60 version was already available.


Google Movie Studio: It’s Google’s version of iMovie, built for Android tablets. Teased during a demo at Mobile World Congress.

Viewdle: This company promises mobile apps that will analyze faces in the camera’s viewfinder and link those to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Its facial recognition feature learns the more you use it. Sounds a lot like the highly-anticiapted, then discontinued AugmentedID/Recognizr app from TAT. Our coverage here.

Chute: Designed to be a simpler way to share photos with friends and family or upload them to various online cloud services, Chute will arrive in March to both iPhone and Android. Our coverage here.

Route 66 + Navigation: Revealed at Mobile World Congress, this app uses TomTom’s navigation and combines it with an augmented reality view that shows you a virtual car you can follow to your destination.

2011route 66follow metomtom

Fipplr: An Android homescreen concept app that uses feeds and animations. No word on whether it will be released commercially or not.

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