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iPhone Application Development for Dummies

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DummiesSay what you want about the Dummies brand, but when you’re brand-spanking-new to a task, topic, software program or anything else, those simplified, easy-to-read books and online tutorials are a good way to start getting your feet wet.

With that in mind, when we stumbled across this “iPhone Application Development for Dummies” cheat sheet posted on Dummies.com, it seemed like it was worth a quick share.

The entire cheat sheet is available here on Dummies.com where it joins another sheet called iPhone for Dummies – which is helpful if you’re not just new to iPhone development, but new to the iPhone platform as a whole.

Iphone dummies

We spotted this sheet thanks to the iPhoneness blog which also pointed out other online resources which developers, both new and experienced, might like to have on hand. This includes an iPhone distribution build cheat sheet, this Xcode Objective-C Text Macro cheat sheet and a list of Xcode shortcuts.

Source: iPhone Application Development for Dummies

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