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Intel Unveils SSDs With 6Gbit/Sec Throughput

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CWmike writes “Intel announced a new line of solid-state drives (SSDs) on Monday that are based on the serial ATA (SATA) 3.0 specification, which doubles I/O throughput compared to previous generation SSDs. Using the SATA 3.0 specs, Intel’s new 510 Series gets 6Gbit/sec. performance and thus can take full advantage of the company’s transition to higher speed ‘Thunderbolt’ SATA bus interfaces on the recently introduced second generation Intel Core processor platforms. Supporting data transfers of up to 500MB/sec, the Intel SSD 510 doubles the sequential read speeds and more than triples the sequential write speeds of Intel’s SATA 2.0 SSDs. The drives offer sequential write speeds of up to 315MB/sec.”

Source: Intel Unveils SSDs With 6Gbit/Sec Throughput

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