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How Sun Bought Apple Computer (Almost)

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Hugh Pickens writes “There was a time in the 1990s when Sun, at its wealthiest, was poised to buy Apple when it was at the lowest point in its storied history and now eWeek reports on how the deal for Sun to buy Apple fell through. ‘Back in late 1995 early ’96, when we were at our peak, we were literally hours away from buying Apple for about $5 to $6 a share,’ says former Sun CEO Ed Zander. ‘I don’t know what we were going to do with it, but we were going to buy it.’ Sun co-founder Scott McNealy adds that there was an investment banker on the Apple side who basically blocked it. ‘He put so many terms into the deal that we couldn’t afford to go do it.’ Would there be iPhones, iPads and iPods on the market today if Sun Microsystems had been able to close a deal to buy out Apple in the mid-1990s? No, says McNealy. ‘If we had bought Apple, there wouldn’t have been iPods or iPads … I’d have screwed that up.’”

Source: How Sun Bought Apple Computer (Almost)

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