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When the Internet Nearly Fractured

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The Internet

An anonymous reader writes “The Atlantic has a fascinating, if lengthy, story about a man named Eugene Kashpureff who ‘ignited a battle over the future of the global network‘ by launching a rogue DNS registry in the late ’90s. Here’s an excerpt: ‘He opted to go a step beyond simply registering sites on alternative top-level domains, and hijacked traffic intended for InterNIC.net. He pointed the domain to his own site, where he lodged a note of protest over how the domain name space was being controlled, and then offered visitors the option of continuing on to Network Solution’s site. This was, you’ll recall, at about the same moment that the federal government was attempting to make the case to the business community, to the world, that this Internet thing was no digital Wild West.’”

Source: When the Internet Nearly Fractured

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