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Intel Announces a BIOS Implementation Test Suite

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GNU is Not Unix

Josh Triplett writes “Intel announced the release of a BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS), a bootable pre-OS environment based on GNU GRUB2 that tests how well (or how badly) your BIOS has configured your platform hardware. BITS also includes Intel’s official power management reference code, so you can override your BIOS’s initialization with a known-good configuration. ‘In addition to those changes to GRUB2 itself, BITS includes configuration files which build a menu exposing the various BITS functionality, including the test suites, hardware configuration, and exploratory tools. These scripts detect your system’s CPU, and provide menu entries for all the available functionality on your hardware platform. You can also access all of the new commands we’ve added directly via the command line.’”

Source: Intel Announces a BIOS Implementation Test Suite

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