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Hate Using a Fax Machine? Try HelloFax

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hellofax-logo.jpgThere’s something about putting a document into a fax machine and dialing the numbers that just doesn’t feel right. We know there are more efficient ways to get documents and other information to people, but for whatever reason, this old school machine remains a part of reality for businesses. To top it all off, it makes that dial-up modem sound we haven’t heard since 1998.

If you need to send an important document but don’t want to deal with that antique fax machine, there’s a new Web-based service called HelloFax that lets you easily send faxes from your Web browser.

There have been online fax services available for years but what sets HelloFax apart is its simplicity. Upon signing up, you can upload any type of document file and send it via fax or as an email attachment.


If you need to sign a contract or agreement before faxing it back, HelloFax lets you do so using your mouse or track pad. Once you’ve finally perfected the way your signature looks when drawn with a mouse, you can save it for later use.

The service can’t yet recieve faxes or send to multiple recipients and it only works in the United States, but it is brand new, so presumably we’ll see things that added in time.

It doesn’t have yet a price tag, but they’re offering 20 fax pages for free. According to their FAQ, users who use up the free faxes email support@hellofax.com to request more.

Source: Hate Using a Fax Machine? Try HelloFax

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