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Google’s Fight Against ‘Low-Quality’ Sites Continues

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nj_peeps writes “A couple weeks ago, JC Penney made the news for plummeting in Google rankings for everything from ‘area rugs’ to ‘grommet top curtains.’ Turns out the retail site had a number of suspicious links pointing at it that could be traced back to a link network intended to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithms. Now, Overstock.com has lost rankings for another type of link that Google finds to be manipulation of their algorithms. This situation has led Google to implement a significant change to their search algorithms, affecting almost 12% of queries in an effort to cull content farms and other webspam. And in the midst of all of this, a company with substantial publicity lately for running a paid link network announces they are getting out of the link business entirely.”

Source: Google’s Fight Against ‘Low-Quality’ Sites Continues

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