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Discovery’s Final Launch Successful

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Phoghat writes “Overcoming a down-to-the-last-second problem, space shuttle Discovery made history yesterday, launching on its final mission to orbit. The most-traveled orbiter is carrying a crew of six astronauts and one human-like Robonaut, along with a new permanent storeroom and supplies for the International Space Station.” The launch itself went as planned; a few pieces of foam insulation broke free of the external fuel tank on the way up, but it’s not expected to be a safety concern, and they’re planning an inspection to make sure. NASA has videos of yesterday’s launch and a Discovery retrospective, and the Atlantic has a great collection of pictures involving the shuttle. Mike Coats, pilot of Discovery’s first mission in 1984, spoke in an interview about his connection to the orbiter. Discovery comes back to Earth on March 7th.

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