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Intel Unveils Next Gen Itanium Processor

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MojoKid writes “This week, at ISSCC Intel unveiled its next-generation Itanium processor, codenamed Poulson. This new design is easily the most significant update to Itanium Intel has ever built and could upset the current balance of power at the highest-end of the server / mainframe market. It may also be the Itanium that fully redeems the brand name and sheds the last vestiges of negativity that have dogged the chip since it launched ten years ago. Poulson incorporates a number of advances in its record-breaking 3.1 Billion transistors. It’s socket-compatible with the older Tukwila processors and offers up to eight cores and 54MB of on-die memory.”

Source: Intel Unveils Next Gen Itanium Processor

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