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Optimize Your Website with Overstat

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overstat150.jpgTesting your website is crucial, but far too often, it simply doesn’t happen. The reasons can include cost, convenience, tech resources – you name it. But a company onstage today at LAUNCH wants to take away those excuses and make website testing – and, of course, website optimization – incredibly easy.

Overstat has a number of competitors in the optimization space, including the Y Combinator alum Optimizely. But Overstat’s presentation today at LAUNCH made it look like it had a simple installation (just some JavaScript) and interface for both identifying problems and making updates.

Overstat uses a heat map in order to identify where users are clicking (or not clicking) in order to help you identify the buttons and links you may want to address.

The judges at LAUNCH seemed to like Overstat, and several of them chose the startup as one of their favorites out of the first round of presentations this morning. And one quipped that perhaps the company could merge with YouEye.

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