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Stumped on Your Next Travel Destination? Ask Wanderfly

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You and your friends want to go on a trip, you know that you each have $1,000 to spend, eight glorious days of freedom, and a serious case of wanderlust. How do you figure out what to do where in the budget you have?

You might do a ton of research and come up with something or you might go look at some package travel deals at your local travel agent. Now, you can plug all of these variables into Wanderfly and see what comes out on the other end.

Wanderfly, which raised a million bucks earlier this month, asks you where you’re leaving from, how much you want to spend, how much time you have, when you’re looking to travel and what type of activities you’re interested in and spits out some solutions. It not only shows you a potential destination and activity, but also suggested flights, hotels and even restaurants in the area. Check it out:


The company, which has now served more than a half million trips in 200 countries, says that the website is just the beginning and that it has a bunch in store for 2011. According to Wanderfly co-founder Christy Liu, the company has five areas it plans on focusing on in year ahead.

The Wanderfly team just started last week working on a social travel solution, bringing tools to help friends organize trips together – “a real pain point right now in travel,” according to Liu. Liu called this Wanderfly 2.0 and said we could expect the first version to roll out some time early in March.

Beyond social travel (which is certainly a big realm), Liu said they plan on expanding the database of destinations and the attributes associated with each, launching an “expert program” that will feature bloggers and travel writers, platform partners and, possibly most importantly, a mobile app that we could expect to see in the second half of 2011.

From what Liu said, it sounds like Wanderfly has a number of big partnerships in the works and we’ll be keeping an eye out for this company in the mobile travel space in the year ahead.

Source: Stumped on Your Next Travel Destination? Ask Wanderfly

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