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API of the Week: IndexTank

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IndexTank logo Last week hosted search provider IndexTank announced its new API that enables developers to add search to their applications or build search engines from data sets available on the Web. Documentation can be found here. The API uses an elastic, pay as you go model.

IndexTank was founded by former Inktomi software architect Diego Basch. It features real-time feed indexing, instantly available data, location based search and more.

Reddit is one of IndexTank’s flagship customers. “We’d never had a really good search implementation,” David King of Reddit is quoted in a case study. “We were
continually outgrowing whatever we had in place.” Reddit eventually outsourced its search to IndexTank. According to the case study, Reddit placed a simple yes or no survey question at the bottom of search result pages asking users if they were satisfied with the results. During the IndexTank beta, 70% of users answered “yes.” That number has since risen to 80%.

WordPress is another customer of IndexTank, and those that don’t want mess with an API can use a WordPress plugin to add IndexTank to their sites.

There’s also an add-on for Heroku.

Source: API of the Week: IndexTank

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