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The Inner World of Gov-Sponsored White-Hat Hacking

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romanval writes “Anonymous leaked emails of white-hat hacker firm HBGary shows how it develops and markets products to government agencies. From the article: ‘In 2009, HBGary had partnered with the Advanced Information Systems group of defense contractor General Dynamics to work on a project euphemistically known as “Task B.” The team had a simple mission: slip a piece of stealth software onto a target laptop without the owner’s knowledge. They focused on ports—a laptop’s interfaces to the world around it—including the familiar USB port, the less-common PCMCIA Type II card slot, the smaller ExpressCard slot, WiFi, and Firewire. No laptop would have all of these, but most recent machines would have at least two.’”

Source: The Inner World of Gov-Sponsored White-Hat Hacking

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