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Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “Alex Madrigal reports in the Atlantic that the ACLU has taken up the case of Maryland corrections officer Robert Collins, who was required to provide his Facebook login and password to the Maryland Division of Corrections during a recertification interview so the interviewer could log on to his account and read not only his postings, but those of his family and friends too. ‘We live in a time when national security is the highest priority, but it must be delicately balanced with personal privacy,’ says Collins. ‘My fellow officers and I should not have to allow the government to view our personal Facebook posts and those of our friends, just to keep our jobs.’ The ACLU of Maryland has sent a letter to Public Safety Secretary Gary Maynard (PDF) concerning the Division of Correction’s blanket requirement that applicants for employment with the division, as well as current employees undergoing recertification, provide the government with their social media account usernames and personal passwords for use in employee background checks. After three weeks the ACLU has received no response.”

Source: Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants

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