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Apple Patent Aims To Improve iPhone’s Battery Life

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Folks at AppleInsider have discovered an Apple patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this week, which reveals that Apple is working on ways to increase the capacity of rechargeable lithium batteries used in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBooks etc.

The patent titled “Increasing Energy Density in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells” describes charging a battery using a “multi-step constant-current constant-voltage (CC-CV) charging technique.”

AppleInsider explains:

The CC-CV charging technique would allow the thickness of the anode active material inside a battery cell to be increased in both “volumetric and gravimetric energy density.” But while the density of the power capacity would be increased, the size of the battery, as well as its maximum charging time and minimum life cycle, would remain unchanged.[..]

[..] But one issue with employing the multi-step CC-CV charging technique is battery life can be significantly decreased depending on temperature. For example, using the same current-charge density at 10 degrees celsius will lower the cycle life “substantially” when compared to a higher temperature such as 45 degrees. In addition, current-charge densities further reduce the battery’s cycle life if it is at a higher state of charge, between 70 percent and 100 percent. Apple’s solution would reduce the charge currents for a mobile device when its battery is at a higher state of charge, or a lower temperature. This would avoid degradation in the cycle life of the battery, and potentially even increase it, without any required change in battery chemistry.

There are several ways future iPhones, iPads etc could benefit from this patent:

Source: Apple Patent Aims To Improve iPhone’s Battery Life

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