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Tablets are Great, but Don’t Forget About Smartphones in the Workplace

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Secure iPhone 150x150 New research from Gartner indicates that despite all the buzz about tablets, smartphones are still the number one priority for consumers – and by extension, for workers. Forrester has a new report out on the use of personal smartphones at work. According to Forrester’s research, 18% of workers are using smartphones for work – even if it’s not officially sanctioned by IT.

According to Forrester, 29% of workers polled do work outside the office and 55% of firms allow employees to bring in personal devices.

The top 5 most common uses of smartphones for work are:

  • E-mail
  • Voice
  • Calendar
  • Maps/Navigation
  • Instant messaging

Additionally, Forrester identifies four segments of mobile employees:

  • Mobile information workers – Workers that use mobile devices purchased by their employers.
  • Task workers – Many of these workers use mobile devices for specific activities within verticals such as healthcare, retail and transporation.
  • Mobile wannabe workers – Workers who work at desks but want to use smartphones for work. According to Forrester, wannabes account for 16% of all employees.
  • Mobile Mavericks – Mobile information workers who purchase their own devices.

These categories are somewhat confusing, since so-called “mavericks” are officially supported by IT. It’s the wannabes that may be using devices for work without ITs’ knowledge or approval.

The research from both Gartner and Forrester is a reminder that although tablets use is exploding in the enterprise, there’s still a lot of untapped potential – both good and bad – in smartphones.

Source: Tablets are Great, but Don’t Forget About Smartphones in the Workplace

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