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Sony Unveils First PlayStation Phone

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KRK-TR writes “Sony Ericsson has unveiled the first ‘PlayStation phone,’ called the Xperia Play. The device resembles a regular smart phone but has gaming buttons that slide out from beneath the screen.” Eurogamer got some hands-on time with the device, and they had this to say: “The recessed digital controls are precise and responsive but have a hard, microswitch-style ‘click’ to them which contrasts with the soft, springy touch of a PSP or a Dual Shock pad. There are left and right shoulder buttons recessed into the handset – you need to find these with the tips of your index fingers, rather than the joints as you’re used to. The most interesting inputs are the twin circular touch-pads between the buttons. These effectively replace the on-screen virtual analogue sticks that blight so many smartphone games – and they do the job well. … Despite the nominal similarity to PSPgo, it doesn’t bear any family resemblance to or design hallmarks of SCE products, and indeed is only passingly identifiable as a Sony Ericsson phone. It’s very much an anonymous Android handset with the added novelty of game controls.”

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