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RoundPegg Raises $1.27 Million To Be The eHarmony For Jobs

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Job hiring startup RoundPegg has raised $1.27 million in new funding led by Access Venture Partners with Croghan Investments participating. RoundPegg is a graduate of the TechStars class of 2010.

RoundPegg is essentially a eHarmony for jobs. The site aims to match employers and potential employees based on personality and culture matches as well as skills and experience. Founder Tim Wolters says that currently the site has thousands of job seekers and hundreds of companies who are looking for employees that fit within their corporate culture.

RoundPegg is also offering its matching and communications technology in-house to large companies that want to evaluate how employees are interacting with the company. The enterprise offering aims to deliver insights into how companies and teams are wired and helps identify similarities and differences in cultural values, personality, and communication styles. For example,
Dish Network recently used RoundPegg to identify top performers’ business environment preferences.

Source: RoundPegg Raises $1.27 Million To Be The eHarmony For Jobs

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