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Goodbye, HD Component Video

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glogger writes “Jim Willcox, the video expert at Consumer Reports, bids farewell to our ability to get high-definition video via the analog component-video connections on Blu-ray players. Thanks to Hollywood pirate-paranoia, potentially millions of law-abiding viewers will have their choices restricted. Quoting: ‘Hollywood studios now have the right to insert an ICT “flag” into a Blu-ray movie; if it detects that a player is using an analog connection that doesn’t support HDCP, it downconverts the video’s 1080p (1920 by 1080) native resolution to 960 by 540 (540p): better than DVD quality but only about one-quarter of full HD quality. This ensure that high-def video is available only through the copy-protected HDMI outputs.’”

Source: Goodbye, HD Component Video

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