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Driver Sued For Updating Facebook In Fatal Crash

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An anonymous reader writes “21-year-old Chicago motorist Araceli Beas has been accused of attempting to update her Facebook page on her cell phone when she allegedly struck and killed 70-year-old Raymond Veloz. The victim’s daughter, Regina Cabrales, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court, asking for an unspecified amount of money. Cabrales alleges in her suit that Beas operated her vehicle without keeping a proper and sufficient focus, drove while using an electronic communication device, and failed to slow down to avoid an accident. As proof, she points to the fact that Beas’ Facebook page showed an update posted at 7:54 AM on December 7, 2010, which is the same time that Veloz’s cell phone records showed a call being made to 911.”

Source: Driver Sued For Updating Facebook In Fatal Crash

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