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Chrome 10 Beta Boosts JavaScript Speed By 64%

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CWmike writes “Google released the first beta of Chrome 10 on Thursday, and Computerworld found it to be 64% faster than its predecessor on Google’s V8 JavaScript benchmarks. But in another JS benchmark — WebKit’s widely-cited SunSpider — Chrome 10 beta was no faster than Chrome 9. Yesterday’s Chrome 10 beta release was the first to feature ‘Crankshaft,’ a new optimization technology. Google engineers have previously explained why SunSpider scores for a Crankshaft-equipped Chrome show little, if any, improvement over other browsers. ‘The idea [in Crankshaft] is to heavily optimize code that is frequently executed and not waste time optimizing code that is not,’ said the engineers. ‘Because of this, benchmarks that finish in just a few milliseconds, such as SunSpider, will show little improvement with Crankshaft. The more work an application does, the bigger the gains will be.’ [Chrome 10 beta download here.]“

Source: Chrome 10 Beta Boosts JavaScript Speed By 64%

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