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Encrypting Phone Storage and Transmission? (2011 Version)

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An anonymous reader writes “Soon I’ll be moving to one of the hot, culturally restrictive countries which has recently been in the news … and which monitors and filters web traffic. ISPs and cellular providers are both owned by the government. Needless to say, I’m concerned about privacy and am even posting to my fellow Slashdotters as an anonymous coward. Which smart phones are the best for a) encrypted storage, and b) encrypted transmission? I’m not worried about encrypting SMSs or traditional voice traffic, but I would like all IP traffic as secure as possible. Setting up a server in my less restrictive home country is an option. What storage encryption and transmission encryption would you recommend for that situation? I’m willing to buy yet another device, if necessary. (No, I won’t get a SatPhone.) I currently have a Nokia N900 running Maemo5 and another device running Symbian S60v3. I was hoping to have a secure OS like BackTrack running on the N900, but it looks like the software was never totally ported for the device.”

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