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ZocDoc Opens in LA; How Your City Can Be Next (TCTV)

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ZocDoc, an insanely easy service for booking same day doctor appointments, has launched service Los Angeles with more than 100,000 appointments ready to be booked. This should be welcome news: ZocDoc says the average wait time for an appointment in LA is 24 days. The easier appointments are to book, the less the burden on emerging rooms and urgent care centers.

This is ZocDoc’s sixth location, and while the roll out is methodical, the service has grown bookings by more than 42% in the last month alone. As a consumer, I’m a huge fan of ZocDoc– it’s stunningly efficient and the customer service is stellar. But is the site too good to be true?

We interviewed CEO and co-founder Cyrus Massoumi via Skype to talk about the new location, and how even with $20 million in venture capital the site can roll out to every metro market and continue to provide expensive customer service from SoHo– the antithesis of outsourcing. (We also discover a surprising secret about Massoumi’s past around the 11 minute mark…)

To lobby for ZocDoc opening in your city, go here.

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Source: ZocDoc Opens in LA; How Your City Can Be Next (TCTV)

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