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Monitor MongoDB Servers with Server Density

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Boxed Ice logo Yesterday server monitoring company Boxed Ice announced its new MongoDB monitoring dashboard for its Server Density service. The dashboard will enable you to monitor data sizes, RAM, index stats, uptime delay and heartbeat information of your entire MongoDB cluster. It can also trigger alerts. The service is free for the time being, but the company plans to start charging a monthly fee.

Server Density MongoDB monitoring dashboard

  • The announcement notes the following limitations:
  • This only works with replica sets and not replica pairs or master/slave. We don’t currently plan to support either of these as replica sets are the recommended production setup for MongoDB to ensure failover and reliability.
  • The optime metric (equivalent to “seconds behind master”) is only available as of MongoDB 1.7.2.
  • The additional metrics are not currently graphed but are being stored so will be exposed via the normal graphs in the coming weeks.
  • This is not available for Windows.

It’s interesting to see cloud monitoring services provide tools for such new technologies. It shows how vital cloud management technology wil be as data centers become increasingly complex.

Server Density provides monitoring services for self-hosted services as well as several cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, GoGrid and RackSpace. Boxed Ice offers apps that pushes alerts to Android, the iPad and the iPhone.

Source: Monitor MongoDB Servers with Server Density

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