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iPhone 5 To Come With 4-Inch Screen?

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Whenever we have asked you, our readers what was on your wish list for iPhone 5 – Apple’s fifth generation iPhone that is expected to be released this summer, some of you have told us that you want an iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen.

If you’re one of them then we have some good news for you. Taiwanese publication DigiTimes claims that iPhone 5 will come with a 4-inch screen.

DigiTimes reports:

The component suppliers noted that the production lines for Apple’s next generation iPhone have begun testing, and Apple is interesting in expanding the screen size to 4-inches to support the tablet PC market as the vendor only has a 9.7-inch iPad in the market.

We believe that the 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone is perfect but Apple is seeing growing competition from Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S that have 4-inch screen and is seen as a unique selling point. So it is possible that Apple may be considering releasing an iPhone with a 4-inch screen. However, it will be a pain for developers to develop apps for different screen sizes, they already have to deal with an iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. We’re also hearing that Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone, which may come with edge to edge screen. DigiTimes also has a patchy track record when it comes to Apple related rumors.

Folks at 9 to 5 Mac have also created a mockup of iPhone with a 4-inch screen to show how it may look.

Do you want iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen or are you happy with the 3.5-inch screen? Please share your views in the comments section below.

[via DigiTimes, 9to5Mac]

Source: iPhone 5 To Come With 4-Inch Screen?

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