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Braid Creator on ‘Evil’ Social Games

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Social Networks

PCGamer recently spoke with Jonathan Blow, creator of the popular indie platformer Braid, about his views on the rise of social games over last few years. He thinks many games in that category aren’t actually very social, and when asked if he thought such games are evil, he replied, “Yes. Absolutely.” Quoting: “[With certain social games] it’s about the game exploiting your friends list that you already made, so it’s not really about meeting people. And it’s not really about doing things with them because you’re never playing at the same time. It’s about using your friends as resources to progress in the game, which is the opposite of actual sociality or friendship. Maybe not exactly, but it’s not the same thing, right? They’re really just called social games because they run on social networks.”

Source: Braid Creator on ‘Evil’ Social Games

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