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Book Review: jBPM Developer Guide

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RickJWagner writes “jBPM is a mature, open source BPM solution. This book, written in a developer-centric manner, guides the reader through the framework and exposes many important considerations for production use. BPM tools are used to define and execute business processes. They usually come with a graphical editor, which is used to drag and drop boxes onto a graph. The boxes represent activities performed by programs, activities performed by humans, and decision points. If this all sounds like ‘graphical programming’, it isn’t. The picture does draw out the desired series of steps, but there’s always configuration and maybe some programming involved as well.” Read below for the rest of Rick’s review.

jBPM Developer Guide
author Mauricio Salatino
pages Packt Publishing
publisher 372
rating RickJWagner
reviewer 1847195687
ISBN A complete developer’s guide to working with jBPM in a J2EE enterprise environment
summary 7/10

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