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OKGo’s Latest: GPS iPhone Art

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There are some bands and artists that just seem to get the Web. They push out viral videos and digital art projects like it’s their job. (These days, it is their job.) OK Go is one of those bands.

OK Go, as we previously wrote, are “among the masters of the YouTube platform.” Now the band has taken it a step further with a project that uses an iPhone app to track a user’s GPS coordinates in real-time and plot them out on a map. The band has asked its fans to “be part of [its] global GPS art project” by using the app, taking pictures and video, and submitting it for compilation into “one big celebratory video.”

The project started in January when OK Go “took to the streets of Los Angeles with OK Go to host an 8-mile-long musical parade” in which the band drew “a giant city sized drawing of the letters ‘OK Go’ on the streets of LA.” Now it’s your turn, the band says:

Just download the free app and plan a journey through your city. You can walk, drive, cycle or skate. Take a friend or two and draw out something awesome. Spell out a word or name, write a message to someone, draw your spirit animal or just take a more creative route to work.

Take pictures or video while you do it. Then share the GPS image of your route and the footage with us. Then OK Go will compile the GPS drawings and the best moments of making them into one big celebratory video.

The app is available for the iPhone, but if you don’t have one yourself, just find a friend. All you need is one phone to draw the map.

Source: OKGo’s Latest: GPS iPhone Art

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