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Obama Wants Big Hike In Cybersecurity Research

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dcblogs writes “The White House 2012 budget seeks a 35% increase to $548 million in cybersecurity research and development, including funds to help DARPA mitigate the risk of insider threats. Think WikiLeaks. Improving control system security, post Stuxnet, was also cited as priority. Overall, the budget seeks $66.1 billion for basic and applied research across all areas, an 11.6% increase. Some areas called out for special focus by the White House include robotics. The feds have already started offering grants for developing of ‘co-robots,’ which are ‘systems “that can safely co-exist in close proximity to or in physical contact with humans in the pursuit of mundane, dangerous, precise or expensive tasks.’ The US also wants to focus research on nanomanufacturing (PDF), ‘and the merging of self-assembly with lithography to achieve large-scale predictable placement of nanoscale components.’”

Source: Obama Wants Big Hike In Cybersecurity Research

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