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As HTML5 Gets 2014 Final Date, Flash Floods Mobile

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CWmike writes “Those curious about the final release date for the hotly debated HTML5 need wonder no more: the W3C plans to finalize the standard by July 2014, the consortium said on Monday. ‘This is the first time we’ve been able to answer people’s questions of when it will be done,’ said W3C’s Ian Jacobs. ‘More and more people from more and more industries are asking when it will be done. They require stability in the standard and very high levels of interoperability.’ Meanwhile, as Apple dismisses the value of the Flash Player in favor of HTML5 for its smartphones and tablets, Adobe said on Monday that it predicts 600% growth in the number of smartphones having the Flash 10.1 Player installed in 2011, reaching 132 million smartphones and more than 50 tablet models with either the player installed or available for download. For the six months following the launch of Flash 10.1, more than 20 million smartphones were shipped or upgraded with it.”

Source: As HTML5 Gets 2014 Final Date, Flash Floods Mobile

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