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Collaborative To-Do List Strike Makes it Easy to GTD (That’s Get Things Done)

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Sometimes, we here at ReadWriteWeb like to write about technologies that we think are going to change the world. Other times, we like to take a look at the most simple, minimalist tools that can make your life easy. This time is one of the latter.

Strike is a collaborative to-do list that makes it quick, easy and effortless (at least in terms of list-keeping) to work together with others and get things done.

The makers of Strike also produce a task management suite called Producteev that we said offered “one of the easiest to use and most complete task management solutions on the market,” so they have done some thinking in terms of getting things done. Strike takes that thinking and applies it sparsely.

“There are millions of task apps out there,” said Jonathan Smiley, Design Lead at ZURB. “We could not find a dead simple no sign up way to make a list and knock out tasks. So we created Strike.”


As you can see, it’s a to-do list, like any other. But Smiley says there are a few simple things that set it apart – there’s no sign-in required, it’s easy to share and it’s easy to customize.

Users can pull items off the list to delete them, drag them around with their mouse to re-order them and change how list items change when they’re marked as complete. If you want them to stay there as a reference, you can choose the strike option, which shows the item with a line through it. Or you can have the item move below the list or disappear all together. Of course, the service is completely free and doesn’t require a login. And the final piece that pulls it all together is the sharing – each to-do list gets its own shortened URL to share with friends co-collaborators. 

Source: Collaborative To-Do List Strike Makes it Easy to GTD (That’s Get Things Done)

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