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Nokia’s Road Ahead Will Be Rough But Not Impassible

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Nokia had years to get things right. They had billions of dollars in revenue and, quite literally, the ear of the world. iPhone? Feh. For the longest time iPhone was a Cybiko compared to the reach and influence of Big Sininen. So what the heck happened?

I first started noticing Nokia’s steep decline in about 2007. It was at the launch of the XpressMusic, a music phone for the masses that, for once, actually appeared in the US. This was about the time the iPhone began washing on the shores of Finland like a pernicious parasitical plant. The company released the XpressMusic as a cheap, entry-level phone for folks who wanted to listen to music. However, at the core of this move was Nokia’s consistent disregard for the changing status quo.

By 2007, the smartphone was slowly dying. Windows Mobile and Symbian, while arguably the most popular end-user platforms around the world, were light years older than the upcoming Android and iOS and users were already pinning their hopes on future technology including a nascent WebOS.

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